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Rose-Hip Vital Canine 500g | Introductory Offer

Free Shipping Australia Wide

Offer Ends Soon

Free Shipping
Australia Wide

Offer Ends

$109.95 now $54.98


Would you like your dog to be pain free?

500g Rose-Hip Vital Canine

Money Back Guarantee*

Limit 10 per customer

Offer ends soon

Money Back Guarantee*

If you are not satisfied with the results by the end of your first 500g, we’ll give you your money back.

Results in less than 3 weeks

How long will 500g last?

Dogs up to 15kg - more than 6 months

Dogs 15kg to 30kg - approximately 3 months

Dogs more than 30kg - 8 weeks

This is NOT a Subscription Package

You will only be charged once when you complete your purchase.

Note: This offer is an introductory special. This coupon code will work only once per email address.

Our Customer Stories

NAME: Evie
CONDITION: Skin Condition

‘Since we adopted Evie as a puppy she had always been ridiculously itchy! We made a few trips to the vet about it, put her on hypoallergenic food & talked about a desensitisation program. She also had eye issues where she would scratch at her eyes like crazy. A few weeks ago I started her on Rose-Hip Vital – her eyes have never looked so good – they are so bright & beautiful! And her skin is great she is no longer itchy at all!’

Rose-Hip Vital Canine | Evie Skin Condition

NAME: Toohey

CONDITION: Arthritis

‘Toohey is an 11yo border collie x cattle dog cross who has competed in canine disc in Queensland for the last several years. As he is moving into old age, arthritis has started to get the better of him. Toohey has been on Rose-Hip Vital for 7 weeks and I have noticed a significant difference! Toohey is no longer stiff in his front shoulders and is able to move around much for freely. Thankyou!’

Rose-Hip Vital Canine | Toohey Arthritis

NAME: Mr Beasley
 Joint Pain

‘My 13 year old Mastiff was unable to walk or get in the car. Couldn't lift his leg to pee. He was in pain. We paid $100 pending for injections and more for other meds. We decided to try this product as a last ditch effort before putting him down. Absolute miracle. He runs chases the ball and no pain. This product gave me my baby back it literally saved his life. I'm so grateful.’

Rose-Hip Vital Canine | Mr Beasley Joint Pain

Free Shipping
Australia Wide

Offer Ends

Free Shipping Australia Wide

Offer Ends Soon

$109.95 NOW $54.98


Rose-Hip Vital Canine | Introductory Offer

Would you like your dog to have a renewed zest for life?

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is a clinically proven anti-inflammatory and immune system support for treating inflammation, maintaining healthy joints, improving wellbeing and performance.

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is made from pure and natural Rosehips grown and manufactured with a patented processes. Containing the patented compound GOPO®, its a plant-based anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant and rich source of natural vitamin C.

Rose-Hip Vital® Canine is used for:

  • Joint pain and joint mobility
  • Prevention of joint problems
  • Osteoarthritis / degenerative joint disease
  • Cartilage protection
  • Immune system support & general wellbeing
  • Recovery after exercise, injury or surgery
  • Coat quality


Old wive's tale? Nope! Snake Oil? Absolutely not! Too good to be true? No way!

Rose-Hip Vital is a tried, tested, and proven product. With over 30 scientific studies, including 9 double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials we are SO confident that you will see results using Rose-Hip Vital we happily offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our Human products and Canine sizes!*

If you don't see the results you were hoping for get in touch with us! Our head office is full of friendly Rose-Hip Vital Specialists, with first-hand experience, that are more than happy to assisst! We've got loads of handy tips and tricks to help!

If we can't help, follow the steps in the link below to make your 100% Money Back Guarantee Claim! Learn more about our Money Back Guarantee HERE.