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Rose-Hip Vital for Humans: Dosage Guidelines and Benefits

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There’s nothing else quite like Rose-Hip Vital.

Our daily superfood supplement is associated with clinically-backed anti-inflammatory and wellbeing benefits. Rose-Hip Vital is 100% natural, and rich in naturally-derived antioxidants, natural vitamin C, and 31 other essential vitamins and minerals, flavonoids and essential fatty acids.

People have been harnessing the natural healing properties of rosehips for centuries, but Rose-Hip Vital is the only 100% natural rosehip supplement to have scientifically-proven anti-inflammatory and wellbeing benefits.

Read on to discover all about the benefits, usage and dosage guidelines of our amazing superfood supplement, and find out how it can help you.


What is Rose-Hip Vital?

Rose-Hip Vital is a daily rosehip supplement, made with nothing but pure and natural rosehips that we grind into a fine powder using patented processes for both extraction and manufacturing. This gentle but powerful method isolates and activates the exclusive galactolipid, GOPO®, an active anti-inflammatory compound.

GOPO® is only found in Rose-Hip Vital’s patent-protected rosehip powder, making it the only rosehip supplement to have scientifically-backed anti-inflammatory benefits.

Rose-Hip Vital comes in powder and capsule form, allowing you to enjoy the amazing health benefits in a way that best suits your lifestyle.

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What Does it Do?

Rose-Hip Vital provides you with 100% natural wellbeing and anti-inflammatory support.

Our exclusive compound GOPO® minimises joint inflammation and swelling, helping you to manage the painful symptoms of mild arthritis. Active anti-inflammatory compounds help foster mobility and flexibility, keeping you active for as long as possible.

46mg of natural vitamin C in every dose provides powerful antioxidant benefits, eliminating free radical damage and reversing cellular degeneration. Combined with other antioxidants like manganese, selenium and vitamin C, your immune system is supported, helping you to overcome immune-mediated conditions like seasonal flus and allergies.

31 essential vitamins and minerals provide you with vitality and overall wellbeing, helping you to feel energised.

And being in less pain, you’ll be able to sleep better at night, allowing your body to fully rest and awaken revitalised.


How Does it Do This?

Rose-Hip Vital contains GOPO®, our exclusive anti-inflammatory compound. GOPO® prevents excessive white blood cells from accumulating around joints and cartilage, preventing the spread of swelling and inflammation. This anti-inflammatory compound makes Rose-Hip Vital an effective natural treatment for joint pain and mild arthritis.

Our rosehip supplement also contains natural vitamin C, which has amazing health and immunity benefits. Naturally-derived vitamin C is highly bioavailable, making it much more effectively and efficiently absorbed than synthetic varieties. This ensures maximum benefit is distributed throughout your body.

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Rose-Hip Vital contains 31 essential vitamins and minerals, including flavonoids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.


Is Rose-Hip Vital for Humans Safe?

Many nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are associated with gastrointestinal and cardiovascular side effects, that can be uncomfortable and even debilitating for their users. Luckily, Rose-Hip Vital is 100% plant-based and is not associated with these uncomfortable side effects. You can read more studies here that explore the safety of Rose-Hip Vital.

It’s important to note that individual results can always vary. We recommend consulting with a health professional before starting any new supplement.


Rose-Hip Vital Dosage for Humans

Your dosage will depend upon whether you decide to purchase our capsules or powder, and we have an extensive breakdown on our website.

Our capsule dosage starts at 3 capsules, twice a day. These are best taken with meals.

If you opt for our powder, you’ll need to take 2 scoops a day, at a total of 5gs. A 2.5g scoop is included with each tub, but just in case you lose it, one scoop is the equivalent of a teaspoon. Our powders are best mixed in with yoghurt, muesli or smoothies. The most important thing to remember is that it needs to be mixed with something cool, as anything warmer than room temperature will undermine the effectiveness of the powder.

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Rose-Hip Vital Reviews

If you’re still unsure, why don’t you check out some of our testimonials? We have over 1,400 of them! We even have a 4.9 star rating.

You can find our testimonials right here.  


How Do I Get Started?

At Rose-Hip Vital, it’s our mission to help as many families as possible eliminate joint pain, so they can get back to living the life they love. That’s why we believe there’s no better time to get started than today.

You can buy our powders and capsules on our website.

(If you’re a new customer, you can sign up to our database and get 30% off your first purchase!)

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We’re a small family-run business, and we have plenty of first-hand experience using our rosehip supplement, ourselves.

Improve your joint health and wellbeing

Reduce inflammation, protect cartilage and boost immunity

Rose-Hip Vital® with GOPO® is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for joint health and general wellbeing. Made from Rosehips manufactured with patented extraction and drying processes, it’s a scientifically and clinically tested natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and natural vitamin C used to relieve and prevent joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.

Patented manufacturing processes isolate the active compound GOPO® which has scientifically and clinically tested anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. GOPO® works by stopping excess white blood cells from gathering around inflamed tissue, thereby helping to break the cycle of inflammation and protect cartilage. Rosehip products that do not contain GOPO® have not been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.