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6 Spring Cleaning Tips If You Suffer From Joint Pain

Spring is well and truly here, and with the change of season it can also bring up feelings of dread for some people especially those who live with chronic joint pain and arthritis.

Spring is typically the time of year where most of us sweep away the remnants of the cooler and give our homes a really good clean. Howe'ver for those who suffer from joint pain this is not always an easy feat. Apart from taking Rose-Hip Vital daily to help ease your joint pain, we've rounded up a few tips and tricks to make spring cleaning just that little bit easier. 

1. Buy longer-handled items

By that, we mean brooms or shovels with longer handles so you dont have to bend down as much to clean. By reducing the amount of time you bend down, this will ease up the amount of time you're placing strain on your joints and therefore will hopefully make things a bit easier for when you have to go to sleep tonight.

2. Only clean one room at a time

Its easier to think that if you spend a whole day dedicated to cleaning, you won't have to do it for ages and therefore, technically its really better this way to clean the whole house in one day. Right? Wrong! By cleaning one room at a time, you ease the amount of pressure you're putting on your joints and generally moving around. It may feel like the cleaning may take forever, but if you do a room at a time, you give your joints a chance to rest up before you get onto cleaning the next room!

3. Use handy arthritis friendly tools

These tools have been made with people who are suffering from joint inflammation in mind. If you're finding it too difficult to peel potatoes to go with dinner because you cant grab the small peeler, try to find one with a larger handle so that you can use it. Independent Living Centres Australia have a very good link that shows you what you can buy (such as door openers, jar openers and tap turners), which are designed to help you if you're living with chronic pain. All of the items listed can help you with just general day to day stuff, which will ultimately help you later on when you have to clean the house.

4. Schedule a time to clean 

If you're aware that your morning is pretty much written off because you're in too much pain, maybe make sure that you dont schedule your house cleaning for then as its going to be more difficult than usual. Try to figure out when you're at your most pain-free during the day and schedule to clean during that time.

5. Know your limits

Knowing your limits is very important when it comes to cleaning. You dont want to overexert your body and be in an unbearable amount of pain later. Although it would be more time efficient to weed the whole garden in one sweep, your body will let you know if you've overdone it. Knowing your limits is helpful from stopping yourself from being in too much pain later on. Future you will thank you.

6. Have strategically placed cleaning supplies around the house

Lets say you live in a two story house, and the top floor is carpet. Carpet usually requires a lot of vacuuming, but where the vacuum lives is on the first floor. Are you going to cart it up and down the stairs while you're suffering from joint pain? Preferably not. Just relocate it to upstairs so you dont have to lug it up and down the stairs and ease the pressure you're putting on your joints. This also goes for the bathroom. Have cleaning wipes under the sink so you can just clean up leftover toothpaste with ease.

We hope these handy tips will you get into spring cleaning despite suffering from joint pain. If you have any other tips let us know in the comments below or email us!

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6 Spring Cleaning Tips If You Suffer From Joint Pain

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