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4 DIY Kids School Holiday Activities

 Anyone who is a parent is right in the middle of school holidays. It means keeping kids entertained while also allowing them to have a break from the usual routines and kids getting used to being bored sometimes!!

If  cabin fever is kicking in at your place, we have four fun DIY kids activity suggestions for rain or shine that should get the gets thinking creatively, enjoying their natural surroundings and learning a few news skills:

Create a herb garden.

Coming into spring we all know how important it is to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. And what better way to get those hands dirty then to let your kids start their own garden. Herbs are great because they're tuff, quick growing, and can be grown in small spaces such as pots and window boxes. Whats more they  can be added to food for some delicious flavours and your kids can see their hard work pay off.

Build and look after your own terrarium

Build and look after your own terrarium

For those who dont have enough room for a little herb garden, a terrarium is the perfect alternative (or why not have both?). Made in anything from a large bottle, to that old fish-bowl you meant to throw out years ago, terrariums are fun to make and gorgeous too look at. Most of the products and plants (succulents are best) are available at your local gardening or hardware store, and your kids can add their own touch by adding some of their favourite plastic toys to this miniature jungle tiny Jurassic park anyone?


Helping in the kitchen.

Helping in the kitchen.

What better rainy day activity (or sunny day) is there than cooking up something delicious. Kids love the bright colours and taste of fruit, and with soft stone-fruits and berries coming into season now is the perfect time to work on your fruit salads and fresh food plates. Better yet, its healthy, delicious and there are no sharp knives required! Just be prepared for sticky fingers.



Make a mobile or wind charm.

Make a mobile or wind charm.

Remember all those cool things you used to find on walks and at the beach? Shells, sea-glass, driftwood, stones, seed-pods and beautiful feathers? Rather than finding them three weeks later in a pocket when you do the washing why not make them into a beautiful mobile or a dream catcher? Or get creative with an old jar and some coloured paper and create a design all of your own. All the kids need is some string, patience and a sunny place to hang the finished product.



Like these ideas? We were inspired by some great Instgrammers who know all about entertaining kids! Thanks to @loveandbonesbroth (delicious healthy food ideas for families), @cleverpatch (great kids craft ideas), @vidanopote (beautiful images and ideas for terrariums) and @danceypantsdisco whose images of her kids in nature are adorable and get you considering an escape to a farm life!

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What are your favourite DIY activities to do with the kids? What are you up to over this school holidays?

4 Diy Kids School Holiday Activities

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