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The joy of riding

The joy of riding
Written by Roger Fitzhardinge

Twenty five years ago I lay on the floor of Richard Hudson's rooms waiting to be admitted to hospital for a spinal fusion.

I was unable to walk properly and my right leg was semi paralyzed. On the wall was a photo of a guy running and the look on his face said a thousand words and the caption was The Joy of Running.

Twenty four years later I was again confronted with a paralyzed and painful leg I was admitted to hospital for further spinal surgery and another level fused. I still remembered that photo on the wall twenty four years prior! It was 6 months til I could ride again after the first surgery and no Rose-Hip Vital on board.

With my last surgery it was a nine hour procedure and 6 weeks in hospital. I rode pain free three months later !!

I have to say that I was using Rose Hip Vital before and throughout my recovery and everyone was amazed at the healing of the wound. The well being of my recuperation. I was amazed at my positive attitude.

I was able to ride three months to the day from the surgery and the Surgeon was also amazed.
There is no question that my health and recovery was attributed to the use of Rose Hip Vital.

The nurses, doctors and physios were all amazed at the recovery rate and, believe me, as a physio and knowing my problem, there is no question that Rose-Hip Vital played a huge part in giving my body the added nutrients to make the most of the healing process.

I now have the photo and caption The Joy Of Riding. It is so fabulous I cannot begin to tell you the elation.

This photo was my first ride in over three months and it was three months to the day from 9 hours surgery including six weeks in hospital.

I am sure my face says it all!!

Thanks to my surgeon and for sure to Rose-Hip Vital.

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