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How is Rose-Hip Vital helping Kerry Mack and her horses?

How is Rose-Hip Vital helping Kerry Mack and her horses?

Geoff McLean from Gone Riding Media recently interviewed Kerry Mack at Boneo Park about her Rose-Hip Vital journey..


I introduced you to Rose-Hip Vital about 9 months ago, tell us how its helping you please.
Well, its interesting. Its been helping me quite a lot. I've been taking it and I've been really surprised. In my own personal objective tests, I've found that in the mornings unloading the dishwasher I have to bend down really low, take the glasses out and put them in the shelf at the bottom and that's been causing me some pain and noticeable stiffness for a couple of years. On Rose-Hip Vital I can actually unpack the dishwasher first thing in the morning with no pain and no stiffness. So, its really noticeable.  That made me a lot more committed to feeding it to the horses because if it makes my horses feel as much better as it makes me feel then I definitely want to give it to them.  So we started Pzazz on it and he's 21 now and he's still training on Grand prix work at home. He had his last competition here in January and hasn't really retired. We have to work out what to do with him next, but you ride him, he's just like hes been for the last 10 years.  Just supple, willing to work, happy to sit, he doesn't feel creaky. So that's been pretty good. The others are on it too and I really do feel it makes them stay more supple.

You started Pzazz on Rose-Hip Vital Equine, he was first because of his age?
I just wanted to do the right thing by him. It made me feel better, I'm sure it makes him feel better. Were in the same boat. Were aging together, me and Pzazz.

You've got Mayfield Limelight on it now too?
Yes, he's on it. Hes naturally a fairly supple horse. Its probably more noticeable in the horses that are naturally a bit stiff. The other horse I've got here this weekend, Brave, he's actually had a couple of months off, with wintertime and me being on holiday and things being busy. He's only been back into work for a week. Its really noticeable hes much more soft in his body, quicker to warm up, he's more willing to go off the leg. He's a little bit lazy.

You've just come back from a break yourself and your first ride back, how was that?
Ah, well, its always a challenge for me to sit on the trot to this horse because he's got a really big trot.  And I think I'm doing reasonably well considering Ive had a break where I've been lying around a resort and not really doing much exercise.

A few months ago you wanted to get Limelight and Brave onto Rose-Hip Vital as well, why was that?
Particularly with Brave because of his problem. He's just a physically stiff horse. Hes naturally a short coupled, heavy muscled type of horse so even though he's got a lot of movement and flexibility in his joints, laterally particularly, its difficult for him to bend. Just because naturally that's his conformation. A horse like Limelight, its easy for him to bend because he's long and lean so its easy. But its quite difficult for Brave. I think it Rose-hip Vital really is helping him. Its just easier. He doesn't sort of sit against you so much. He bends much more willingly.

 How is Rose-Hip Vital helping Kerry Mack and her horses?

Kerry Mack and Brave  Gone Riding Media

What is the most significant or obvious thing you've noticed in the horses since introducing Rose-Hip Vital Equine?
I think its the suppleness. That's really my experience, the suppleness longitudinally, the suppleness laterally, just the softness in the bending. That's the thing I noticed the most.

Horse performance? How are they going?
The big issue with these horses at the moment is relaxation. Its getting them to be relaxed in the ring.  And I cant say if the Rose-hip Vital is helping them with that.  They're both at a point in their careers where were just consolidating the work and particularly consolidating their performance. Its really important to me that the horses are relaxed and happy in their work. Sometimes you have to stop at their training level and wait till they're really confident. That's what were doing at the moment.

Many riders using Rose-Hip Vital are telling me that their horses are more comfortable to ride, more rideable, more willing to move forward, more trainable on Rose-Hip Vital. Have you noticed this?
With Brave I do think he's feeling more supple and its easier for him so therefore he's more willing to do it. He's more willing to go off the leg and more willing to bend.

Do the ponies like Rose-Hip Vital Equine?
I think so. They clean up all their feed and its not left at the bottom of the bucket so I suppose they like it.


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