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AGE: 13

"You have most certainly given Denton a new lease on life"

This is Denton, my miniature long haired dachshund. The day following his 13th birthday last year, I woke to find him paralysed. He was diagnosed with common dachshund disk disease called IVDD.

Surgery was not an option due to his age, so the decision was made to treat him conservatively. I was advised to crate rest him for six weeks in the hope he may regain sensation enough to walk again whilst introducing him to a number of holistic/natural therapies. Failing this, he was going to need doggy wheels.

The second day following his paralysis I was telephoned by a friend who is a breeder and lover of dachshunds. She told me to go straight out and buy a bottle of Rose-Hip Vital Canine and load dose him for at least three weeks followed by a maintenance dose for the rest of his life. I had nothing to lose.

Denton regained sensation in his legs three weeks later and was walking albeit wobbly at four. We do now live a ‘new normal', no more jumping; running in the dunes on the beach; and all the things that most likely caused his spine to deteriorate. A few months ago, I ran out of my supply of RHVC for three weeks as I was waiting for it to come on special at my local Pet Store. After a week or so I noticed a difference in him, he looked stiff and started to walk with a wobble.

We visited the vet where it was felt it was due to age and arthritis setting in. On my way home, I stopped and purchased another bottle of RHVC as I knew this was the only thing I had changed in his diet and routine. I once again load dosed for three weeks and after one week, he was back to his old self!

Thank you Rose-Hip Vital Canine, you have most certainly given Denton a new lease on life. 12 months have now passed and he turns 14 in a few days. He is now a happy and healthy senior citizen who thinks he is 4 not 14! Ps: I also have a nearly 3 year old called Morrison, I also pop some RHVC into his daily meal. He has a lovely shiny coat, bright eyes and looks great.

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